Purchasing Art Photography:

Any photograph shown in a Sales Gallery is available for sale and can be displayed in your home. Though I am more than happy to hear from you, there is no need to contact me to do this--simply place your order. 

Some photos are in galleries that are labeled "Editorial Use Only." To publish these, please contact me at lauramarland.m925@gmail.com. 

Licensing Photos:

Contact me for information about  licensing photos to print, for print publication or for online publication. 

Showcase Products--Gallery Wraps:

Gallery wraps are professionally printed and securely wrapped around a solid, 1.5" think stretcher. The product quality is far superior to mass-market photo wraps available in stores or at photo outlets. Many people hang them as they are because they prefer the modern, uncluttered approach. Others may add frames

Fotoflōt Products:

Fotoflōts are a very contemporary, lightweight and frameless way of displaying a photo. They are professionally printed on high-quality art board, and mounted invisibly on the wall with metal fittings that are provided with purchase. The fittings make the surface stand away from the wall, so that the photo looks like it's floating.

These are displayed without a frame for an uncluttered, modern look. 


I am located in Northern Minnesota. I am available to produce sharp, clear digital photos that can enhance your website--or, framed, create a gallery of photos of your business.

You may wish to improve your company's website and marketing image with photos of your exterior corporate architecture, business location, farm, field, orchard, or the work of your landscaping firm.
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Laura Marland