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Hello and thanks for visiting! 

This is a sales gallery and professional portfolio, currently in the process of being updated. I am working to provide an enhanced and streamlined experience for buyers. 

What I Do:
I am primarily a landscape photographer. This skill set differs from wedding, event, and studio portrait photography in significant ways; it involves an awareness of outdoor lighting, weather and atmospheric conditions and their effects on an image. 

Although, as you can see from some pictures, I have been involved in image manipulation in my past work, I am less interested today in such effects--especially heavy saturation and HD effects, which, I feel, are getting a bit overdone.

Instead, I strive to show exactly how things look, under interesting and varied conditions of natural light. This, by the way, is more difficult than it sounds, since it involves taking the shot correctly, rather than spending a lot of time in front of a computer, trying to get it right.

Services Provided:
Online Store: Sales of existing photos, in the form of high-quality wall decor, ready to hang, with orders taken, fulfilled and delivered with just a few mouse clicks, from this site. Although I am always happy to hear from you, it is not necessary to contact me to make a purchase in this manner.

Assignments: On-assignment work: nature, landscape, estate photography, property photography, gardens, landscaping, architecture, construction sites, factory exteriors and agricultural operations. Contact me to discuss other fees.

Photos for Publication: I can license existing ones for publication. Contact to discuss terms.

My e-mail: lauramarland.m925@gmail.com

To Order:

To purchase, click on the image. 

What you see above are just a few samples of the hundreds of photographs offered on this site. If you wish to buy wall art from the sample slideshow at the top of this page, click on the image. Photos available for purchase are in the Sales Galleries. If you would like to see more pictures, scroll to the bottom of the page and check out these out.

If you are interested in using these photos in your publication, use my email address to contact me. I check it many times per day. 

How These Pictures are Taken:
I shoot in the CR2 RAW format. Generally, when working outdoors in bright light, I use a circular polarizing filter, an ISO of 200 and Parameter 1, maximum saturation. For soft effects, especially in the spring and fall, I may use Parameter 2.

Yours truly,

Laura Marland

The photographs and the writing on this site are protected by copyright.  This means that they may not be used, published, copied or shared in any medium, including the Internet, without my express, written permission. If you wish to simply display these images for any purpose, you must contact me first. Depending on the nature of your use, there may or may not be a fee, but you must give me credit as the creator. 

Contact Info

AddressDuluth, MN
United States
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I am located in Duluth, Minnesota, in the Central Time Zone of the USA. The fastest and most reliable way to reach me is at lauramarland.m925@gmail.com. I check messages several times a day and will respond immediately. I am also available on Skype.
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